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Nepalese Gurkha Restaurant
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Indian Traditional Dishes from Nepalese Gurkha Restaurant - St Austell

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Indian Traditional Dishes

Jalfrezi Dishes
Fairly hot, cooked with peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh green chillies and coriander
Chicken Jalfrezi£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Jalfrezi£11.95Qty:
Lamb Jalfrezi£8.95Qty:
Prawn Jalfrezi£8.95Qty:
Vegetable JalfreziSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Karahi Dishes
Medium or hot, cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Served in traditional iron sizzling karahi
Chicken Karahi£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Karahi£11.95Qty:
Lamb Karahi£8.95Qty:
Prawn Karahi£8.95Qty:
Vegetable KarahiSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Medium Hot, cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Served in traditional iron sizzling karahi
Korma Dishes
Very mild, cooked with fresh cream and chef's special korma sauce
Chicken Korma£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Korma£11.95Qty:
Lamb Korma£8.95Qty:
Prawn Korma£8.95Qty:
Vegetable KormaSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Dhansak Dishes
Sweet & sour and hot, cooked with lentils, Nepalese herbs and spices
Chicken Dhansak£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Dhansak£11.95Qty:
Lamb Dhansak£8.95Qty:
Prawn Dhansak£8.95Qty:
Vegetable DhansakSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Patia Dishes
Fairly hot, sweet & sour, cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Chicken Patia£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Patia£11.95Qty:
Lamb Patia£8.95Qty:
Prawn Patia£8.95Qty:
Vegetable PatiaSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Dopiaza Dishes
Medium hot, cooked with peppers, chopped onions and coriander
Chicken Dopiaza£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Dopiaza£11.95Qty:
Lamb Dopiaza£8.95Qty:
Prawn Dopiaza£8.95Qty:
Vegetable DopiazaSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Rogan Dishes
Medium hot, cooked with tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices
Chicken Rogan£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Rogan£11.95Qty:
Lamb Rogan£8.95Qty:
Prawn Rogan£8.95Qty:
Vegetable RoganSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Bhuna Dishes
Medium Hot with chef's special thick curry sauce
Chicken Bhuna£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Bhuna£11.95Qty:
Lamb Bhuna£8.95Qty:
Prawn Bhuna£8.95Qty:
Vegetable BhunaSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Sagwala Dishes
Medium hot, cooked with spinach, fresh herbs and spice
Chicken Sagwala£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Sagwala£11.95Qty:
Lamb Sagwala£8.95Qty:
Prawn Sagwala£8.95Qty:
Vegetable SagwalaSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Madras Dishes
Fairly hot and spicy sauce
Chicken Madras£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Madras£11.95Qty:
Lamb Madras£8.95Qty:
Prawn Madras£8.95Qty:
Vegetable MadrasSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Vindaloo Dishes
Very hot, cooked with pieces of potato and spices
Chicken Vindaloo£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Vindaloo£11.95Qty:
Lamb Vindaloo£8.95Qty:
Prawn Vindaloo£8.95Qty:
Vegetable VindalooSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Curry Dishes
Medium Hot, with a spicy sauce
Chicken Curry£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Curry£11.95Qty:
Lamb Curry£8.95Qty:
Prawn Curry£8.95Qty:
Vegetable CurrySuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Cooked with almond powder in cream and spices
Chicken Pasandra£8.95Qty:
King Prawn Pasandra£12.95Qty:
Lamb Pasandra£9.95Qty:
Prawn Pasandra£9.95Qty:
Vegetables Pasandra£7.95Qty:
Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala£9.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Masala£12.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Masala£10.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Masala£10.95Qty:
Vegetables Tikka Masala£7.95Qty:
Biryani Dishes
Cooked with basmati rice, tomatoes and cucumber and served with mixed vegetable curry
Chicken Biryani Dishes£8.95Qty:
Gurkha Special Biriani£12.95Qty:
King Prawn Biryani Dishes£11.95Qty:
Lamb Biryani Dishes£9.95Qty:
Tikka Chicken Biryani Dishes£9.95Qty:
Tikka Lamb Biryani Dishes£9.95Qty:
Vegetable Biryani Dishes£7.95Qty:
Balti Dishes£7.95Qty:
Peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked with our chef special home made sauce
Balti Dishes
Peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked with our chef special home made sauce
chicken Balti£7.95Qty:
King Prawn Balti£11.95Qty:
Lamb Balti£8.95Qty:
Prawn Balti£8.95Qty:
Vegetable Balti£6.95Qty:
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