-Lastest from Nepalese Gurkha Restaurant: Early Bird Special Dine in our restaurant between 5:30 & 7:30 and you can receive a 10% early bird discount.-Sunday Buffet Every Sunday evening between 6pm - 10pm we offer our delicious and great value buffet. It is full self serve style and has many dishes to choose from. Adults - £11.95 Children - £6.95 We look forward to seeing you.-Large Party Discounts Thinking of booking a party for that special occasion - for 10 people or more we can offer your group a special fixed menu at only £15.95 per person.-Space for 150 people The Gurkha - St Austell restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people. If you have a function or special occasion where a lot of people will be attending then please contact us to discuss your requirements. We'll make your occasion one to remember.
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Nepalese Gurkha Restaurant
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Online Takeaway Ordering Indian & Nepalese Food - Gurkha St Austell

At The Gurkha Restaurant St Austell we only buy quality produce that is sourced locally when possible. Our well trained team works in a highly equipped and hygienic environment. We believe this allows us to provide consistently high quality Indian and Nepalese food for each and everyone of our customers.
Featured Items

Top Starters

Has Ko ChoyalaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Very popular starter of west Nepal. Grilled diced duck seasoned with Nepalese herbs, green chillies and mustard oil. Served cold.
Chicken Tikka
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and Nepalese spices then cooked in clay oven
Chicken Tikka Main Course£6.95Qty:
Chicken Tikka Starter£3.95Qty:
Garlic Mushroom Puri£3.95Qty:
mushroom cooked in garlic, butter and fresh cream and serverd with puri bread
Lamb Tikka
Tender lamb/chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and Nepalese spices then cooked in clay oven
Lamb Tikka Main Course£6.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Starter£3.95Qty:
MO MO£4.95Qty:
A popular delicacy steamed lamb dumpling serverd with special chutney.
Mailai Tikka
Boneless chicken breast marinated with ginger, garlic, malai and soft cheese cooked in clay oven.
Mailai Tikka Main Course£6.95Qty:
Mailai Tikka Starter£4.95Qty:
Nepalese Gurkha Meat Platter£5.95Qty:
Selection of meat samosa, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and seekh kebab
Nepalese Gurkha Vegetarian PlatterSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Selection of vegetarian samosa, onion bhajeeand spring rolls.

Top Clay Oven Indian Food

Gurkha Mixed Grill
Selection of our most popular clay oven dish chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, king prawn and seek kebab with sizzling onions.
Shaslik Chicken/ Lamb / Paneer
£7.95Add to Cart
Chicken/ lamb/ paneer marinated, skered with onion, green pepper, tomatoes, barbecued in clay oven.
Tandoori Chicken
Two quarters of succulent chicken immersed overnight in light tandoori masala marinade, roasted in clay oven served with sizzling onions
Tandoori King Prawn
King prawns coated in light spiced yoghurt marinade, then roasted and served with sizzling onions.
Tandoori Salmon
Fresh salmon marinated overnight with mustard power, dry herbs and yoghurt then char-grilled.

Top Specials - Indian & Nepalese

Bhutuma Lamb/ Chicken
£8.95Add to Cart
Boneless chicken/lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers, nepalese herbs and spring onions.
Butter Kukhura£8.95Qty:
Chicken tikka breast glazed with butter in thick sauce of onion, fresh tomato, fresh ciriander.
Chitwan Bazaar£9.95Qty:
Nepalese chef special curry combination of lamb & chicken with spinach and vegetables.
Everest Lamb£8.95Qty:
Pieces lamb tikka with oregano, fresh coriander, green chilli with fresh herbs.
Garlic Piro Kukhura£8.95Qty:
Pieces of boneless chicken cooked with fresh herbs, garlic, green chilli and coriander.
Kathmandu Kukhura£8.95Qty:
Chicken tikka cooked with garlic, ginger and spring onions.
Khasi Aloo£8.95Qty:
Lamb and potatoes cooked in typical Nepalese style, medium hot. Very famous in remote parts on Nepal.
King Prawn Rasilo£12.95Qty:
King prawn cooked in garlic sauce, coconut and chef special exotic spices, mouth watering taste.

Top Indian Traditional Dishes

Balti Dishes
Peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked with chef's special homemade sauce
Chicken Balti£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Balti£10.95Qty:
Lamb Balti£7.95Qty:
Prawn Balti£7.95Qty:
Vegetable BaltiSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Bhuna Dishes
Medium Hot with chef's special thick curry sauce
Chicken Bhuna£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Bhuna£10.95Qty:
Lamb Bhuna£7.95Qty:
Prawn Bhuna£7.95Qty:
Vegetable BhunaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Biryani Dishes
Cooked with basmati rice, tomatoes and cucumber and served with mixed vegetable curry
Chicken Biryani Dishes£6.95Qty:
Gurkha Special Biriani£11.95Qty:
King Prawn Biryani Dishes£10.95Qty:
Lamb Biryani Dishes£7.95Qty:
Tikka Chicken Biryani Dishes£7.95Qty:
Tikka Lamb Biryani Dishes£7.95Qty:
Vegetable Biryani Dishes£5.95Qty:
Curry Dishes
Medium Hot, with a spicy sauce
Chicken Curry£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Curry£10.95Qty:
Lamb Curry£7.95Qty:
Prawn Curry£7.95Qty:
Vegetable CurrySuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Dhansak Dishes
Sweet & sour and hot, cooked with lentils, Nepalese herbs and spices
Chicken Dhansak£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Dhansak£10.95Qty:
Lamb Dhansak£7.95Qty:
Prawn Dhansak£7.95Qty:
Vegetable DhansakSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Dopiaza Dishes
Medium hot, cooked with peppers, chopped onions and coriander
Chicken Dopiaza£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Dopiaza£10.95Qty:
Lamb Dopiaza£7.95Qty:
Prawn Dopiaza£7.95Qty:
Vegetable DopiazaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Jalfrezi Dishes
Fairly hot, cooked with peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh green chillies and coriander
Chicken Jalfrezi£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Jalfrezi£10.95Qty:
Lamb Jalfrezi£7.95Qty:
Prawn Jalfrezi£7.95Qty:
Vegetable JalfreziSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Karahi Dishes
Medium or hot, cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Served in traditional iron sizzling karahi
Chicken Karahi£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Karahi£10.95Qty:
Lamb Karahi£7.95Qty:
Prawn Karahi£7.95Qty:
Vegetable KarahiSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Medium Hot, cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Served in traditional iron sizzling karahi

Top Vegetable Side Dishes

Aloo GobiSuitable for Vegetarians
Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked dry with medium Nepalese spices
Aloobi Gobi Main Course£4.50Qty:
Aloobi Gobi Side Dish£2.50Qty:
Aloo TamaSuitable for Vegetarians
Spices, potatoes and bamboo shoots cooked Nepalese style, a famous curry in Nepal
Aloo Tama Main Course£5.50Qty:
Aloo Tama Side Dish£3.50Qty:
Mushroom Bhaji
Mushroom cooked in oriental herbs and spices
Mushroom Bhaji Main Course£4.50Qty:
Mushroom Bhaji Side Dish£2.50Qty:
Saag AlooSuitable for Vegetarians
Fresh spinach and potatoes cooked with spices
Saag Aloo Main Course£4.50Qty:
Saag Aloo Side Dish£2.50Qty:
Sag PaneerSuitable for Vegetarians
Home made cottage cheese cooked with spinach in medium spices
Saag Paneer Main Course£4.50Qty:
Saag Paneer Side Dish£2.50Qty:
Tadka DalSuitable for Vegetarians
Lentils cooked with garlic
Tadka Dal Main Course£4.50Qty:
Tadka Dal Side Dish£2.50Qty:

Top Rice Dishes

Egg Fried Rice
Basmati rice fried with eggs
Mushroom RiceSuitable for Vegetarians
Basmati rice fried with mushrooms.
Nepalese Special Fried Rice
Basmati rice fried with eggs, peas and mushrooms
Pilau RiceSuitable for Vegetarians
Basmati rice cooked with spices
Plain RiceSuitable for Vegetarians
Special Lemon Rice
Basmati rice cooked with lemon, cashew nuts, mustard seeds and curry leaves
Sweet Coconut RiceSuitable for Vegetarians

Top Nan Breads

ChapatiSuitable for Vegetarians£1.50Qty:
Whole wheat bread prepared in our house style
Garlic and Coriander NanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.50Qty:
Nan bread flavoured with garlic and fresh coriander
Keema Nan
Nan filled with minced lamb
NanSuitable for Vegetarians£1.95Qty:
Leavened bread baked in a tandoori oven
ParathaSuitable for Vegetarians£2.95Qty:
Indian style extra light home made wheat bread
Peshwari NanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.50Qty:
Special Nan bread filled with almonds, coconut, sultanas, fresh cream, sugar and sweet spices
Tandoori RotiSuitable for Vegetarians£1.50Qty:
Pure wheat bread cooked in a tandoori oven

Top Sundries

Chutneys (each)£0.50Qty:
Plain Papadam (each)£0.50Qty:
Raita (Dahi)£1.50Qty:
Homemade plain yoghurt

Top Dessert

Coconut Treat£3.25Qty:
Mariya's Chocolate Tarte£3.75Qty:
Mariya's Lemon Cheesecake£3.75Qty:
Mariya's Strawberry Cheesecake£3.75Qty:
Mawa Kulfi£2.95Qty:
Nutty Donatella£3.95Qty:
Royal Mint£3.25Qty: